[SATLUG] Puppy, Dog, ruffled Feathers and ON TOPIC....

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sat Mar 22 21:31:45 CDT 2008

I just hadda do this ...

Thank you children you managed to huff and puff and display those 
vibrating feathers just fine, Now see it all got smoothed over ... even 
with an Olive branch extended, cool ... wisdom prevailed and no LAW had 
to be made. Any change would surely have fit and served to massage some 
egos with puffed up pride and evenly wiped others out. To me it was 
entertaining and I learned a great deal about how a few of you think and 
how you have that need to support a huge ego. If I were an employer I 
would certainly have been happy to be provided with this free 
information. You can be certain any smart manager would avoid the 

I have had to deal with far too many ego driven employees not to know it 
is better never to hire them than it is to have to fire them later with 
all the lost productivity involved. I may very well miss out on the rare 
genius but my shop will run much better.

However I did not compile any list other than mental since i am long 
retired and will not be hiring. Perhaps tho a few can learn by carefully 
reviewing that past 'feather display' and learn some sense about what 
you post to an archived mail list. People do read and search those 
archives... Robert Ps 'Re: [SATLUG] Home NAS Solutions' flat proves, 
just that.

Thats all the wise words your self appointed 'Village Contrary' has to 
say for now, please go out and play now Children, and please be quiet 
it's nappy time.

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