[SATLUG] Re: 1984- now AccessGrid VIDEO conferencing

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Mar 23 03:20:41 CDT 2008

On 3/22/08, Borries Demeler wrote:

>>  Sigh.  Would that we could get there.
>  Ok, the only thing separating you from such a setup is about $50, that's it.
>  A simple webcam and a $15 headset with mic from radio shack will do.

That's for the client side.  I'm not worried about them.

I'm thinking about the server side -- how do we do something that 
will scale out to ~50,000 students and ~20,000 faculty members at the 
main campus.

>  Ask him if it can do multicast, if you can transmit HDTV signal over it,
>  ask him to list the codecs it support for both video and audio, and if it
>  can stream high-res desktop video at arbitrary resolution, and if it can
>  record all audio/video streams simultaneously.

He's an SVP.  He's not going to have any of those answers.  However, 
he might be willing to be convinced that we should look into this 
issue in more depth.

>                                                  Last I checked AG supported
>  at least 10 different audio codecs and at least that many video codecs.

I will make sure to mention that.

>  Why don't you download the software from our website and give it a try?

I will do that.  However, that does only address the client side of the issue.

>  The video cam is not strictly necessary, but headphones are to avoid having
>  to do any echo cancelling. You also will need a mic.

I've got more headsets that I've bought over the years than I will 
ever know what to do with.  I could probably just about outfit our 
entire office with headsets that I have personally bought over the 

That part won't be a problem.

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