[SATLUG] "The Linux Desktop" OSFest presentation

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Mar 23 20:34:04 CDT 2008

> Crossover Office is supposed to run Quicken and Turbotax. I use it for
> MS Office stuff to check that Openoffice has done the right thing. Not
> needed some much anymore, but my docs are usually simple.
> Crossover Office is relatively cheap ($65 the last time I looked) and
> the contribute to Wine.
> They are at www.codeweavers.com
> John

Thanks, John, I am sure this is a reasonable approach, or to run vmware 
(which is what I do) so the wife can keep track of our cash. I still would
like to be able to run a true linux software that is equivalent to Quicken.
Haven't found anything yet. Is there anybody on this list who uses gnucash
entirely for their finances? Just curious what your experience is with this.
Last time I checked it seemed you need to have a complete accountant training
to be able to use this software, not to speak of be an expert in resolving


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