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Travis Runty trunty at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 20:31:33 CDT 2008

I pretty much agree with Don.  But I think you would be better off actually
installing the os instead of just running live.  Also, you can dual boot if
you have to but I found it better to have a dedicated crappy box that I can
use and fully format at will.  One more thing, download as many different
distro's as you can so that you can experience first hand what things you
like and dislike about each.  I personally started out with debian as a
desktop but looking back I think that may have been to much for a newbie as
myself.  I then went over to Fedora and liked it but then switched over to
Ubuntu and fell in love with it as a newbie.  It just WORKED for the most
part.  Either way I would get creative and perhaps eventually get some VM's
running and try different server client setups to see how they interact with
each other.

Have fun and let us know how we can help!

2008/3/23 Don Crowder <donguitar at gmail.com>:

> Christopher Lovejoy wrote:
> > I've been using Linux in various aspects of my Military Service for a
> few
> > years now.  Truth be told,
> > I'm still pretty lost on Linux use.  What I'd like to hear, is where can
> I
> > start with.  What would be the best way to begin?
> I can't speak for anyone else but what worked for us was a used computer
>  (HP, Pavilion, 1.7 GHz Celeron w/512 MB of RAM) and a stack of live CD
> ISO files I downloaded to my Win2K machine and burned.  I'm typing this
> email on that same machine (1.8 GHz Duron w/512 MB of RAM) but it's no
> longer running Win2K, it's running Debian Etch and our original "test
> bed" is now my wife's PCLinuxOS machine.  Even if you don't have an
> extra computer to play with, live CDs are a great way to start.  If you
> don't have the means to burn them I, or in all probability, other
> members of this list, will  gladly help you out.
> The thing to do, is simply start.  It's hard to go wrong with Linux.
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