[SATLUG] Where to begin

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 20:55:54 CDT 2008

Travis Runty wrote:
> I pretty much agree with Don.  But I think you would be better off actually
> installing the os instead of just running live.  Also, you can dual boot if
> you have to but I found it better to have a dedicated crappy box that I can
> use and fully format at will.  One more thing, download as many different
> distro's as you can so that you can experience first hand what things you
> like and dislike about each.  I personally started out with debian as a
> desktop but looking back I think that may have been to much for a newbie as
> myself.  I then went over to Fedora and liked it but then switched over to
> Ubuntu and fell in love with it as a newbie.  It just WORKED for the most
> part.  Either way I would get creative and perhaps eventually get some VM's
> running and try different server client setups to see how they interact with
> each other.
> Have fun and let us know how we can help!

I concur.  Beginning with live CDs simply helps you decide which distro 
you want to install "for real", I just didn't make myself entirely clear 
about it.

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