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Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 09:44:23 CDT 2008

I won't say anything negative about Ubuntu, it's a terrific distro but, 
in fairness, every distro I know anything about is making gigantic leaps 
and bounds in development.  For my wife and my other-brother Bill, 
PCLinuxOS just works. Another friend has switched from Ubuntu to Fedora 
on his personal machine because some-geeky-thing-or-other was better 
supported. I love my Debian Etch but KateOS is fast and friendly on my 
500 MHz, P3, Thinkpad.  PCBSD is fast, friendly and loaded with great 
software apps on my Compaq, 550 MHz, P3 desktop.  Blag is an extremely 
user friendly Fedora-based distro from a Canadian group.  I've heard 
lots of really nice things about Linux Mint.  If I ever get over my 
phobia about recording I know I'm going to love my 64Studio system.  As 
soon as ReactOS (or Wine) can run PSP 8.2 my wife is totally ready to 
say adios to XP.

I asked Ladislav Bodnar how many distros he's currently got listed on 
distrowatch and he replied:

You can get a fairly accurate estimate from the following links:


Running a search with no designated criteria got me 351 hits.

Without knowing anything at all about your requirements I'm willing to 
concede that less than half of one percent of those distros is likely to 
be of interest to you but that's still over a dozen distros and you owe 
it to yourself to explore all of them before picking one to install.

I'm guessing there's a distro you're going to love.  I'm not about to 
try and guess which distro it is.  Go find out for yourself.
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Don Crowder
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