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Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon Mar 24 10:20:37 CDT 2008

Don Crowder wrote:
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> You can get a fairly accurate estimate from the following links:
> http://distrowatch.com/search
> http://distrowatch.com/new
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Those sites timed out, for my browser.

But, over on  
http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/weekly.php?issue=current, there was 
-this- list of Distros that were released last week...

Released Last Week *Trustix Secure Linux 2.1*

Trustix <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/trustix> Secure Linux 2.1 
has been released: "This is to announce the release of Trustix Secure 
Linux 2.1, nicknamed "Horizon". It is the second release in the Trustix 
2 series. Its main purpose is to serve as a stability release, and it is 
the natural successor of Trustix 2.0. In addition, we have added a few 
more features including Samba 3, IBM's stack protector and the XFS file 
system. We have also updated most of the packages to the latest stable 
versions." Read the rest of the announcement 
for further details.

*Lunar Linux 1.4.0*

A new version of Lunar <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/lunar> Linux 
has been released: "Lunar-1.4.0 (General P. Fault) ISO is released. 
Large changes in this ISO compared to the 1.3.3 version. A small list of 
the major changes include: linux-2.4.25 kernels. gcc-3.3.3 is the 
default compiler supported in Lunar now; ncurses-5.4 is installed on the 
ISO; perl-5.8.3, gettext-0.14.1, openssh-3.8p1, coreutils-5.2.0, updated 
lfirsttime.8, curl-7.11.0 added and more. For a full list of changes see 
the ISO.Changelog <http://www.lunar-linux.org/lunar/ISO.Changelog>. No 
xdelta is available from the 1.3.3 ISO as the xdelta would be around 
90Meg, while the iso.bz2 file is only 114Meg." The full announcement 

*OnebaseGo 1.1*

A new version of the OnebaseGo 
<http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/onebase> live CD is out: "With the 
high success of the first release of OnebaseGo portable OS with its 
capability to add/remove applications, this version comes with 
olm-go-1.1, a few fixes including kernel and lots of customisations. 
Users who utilise OnebaseGo as a portable OS, are recommended to get 
this new version. Please support the development by purchasing it from 
the store ($9.00)." The announcement 

*BLAG 9002*

A new version of BLAG <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/blag> (BLAG 
Linux And GNU) has been released. From the release notes 
<http://www.blagblagblag.org/9000/RELEASE-NOTES>: "BLAG9002 (trike) is a 
significant update of BLAG9001. The major changes are lots of Red Hat 
updates (kernel, XFree86, apache), many BLAG package updates, and piles 
of new packages. A new desktop, XFce, is now on the CD. It is 
lightweight, but user friendly and cute. BLAG now includes more wireless 
kernel drivers so more gear works out-of-the-box. Airsnort & airtraf 
have been added. Winmodem drivers (hsf, ltmodem, slmodem) added...."


Quantian <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/quantian> is a new 
development version on the road towards stable Quantian 0.5. From the 
changelog <http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian/changelog.html>: 
"Updated R packages based on the first pre-release of the upcoming 1.9.0 
version, updated CRAN packages and a few new CRAN packages: multcomp, 
mvtnorn, relimp, and the uebercool rgl. Updated Octave packages based on 
the just released 2.1.56, and a matching octave-forge release. Improved 
support for Scientific Python, though scipy.test() still moans, we hope 
to sort that out shortly. The ftnchek package for Fortran'ers..."

*Rubyx 42*

A new stable version of Rubyx <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/rubyx> 
has been released: "New stable release 42. It contains loads of new 
packages; Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Epiphany, Gnomemeeting 1.00, 
Kde 3.2.1, Gnome 2.4.2, linux-2.6.4 ... There have been some important 
bugfixes and improvements to the rubyx script itself, so please 
upgrade!" Rubyx is a new source-based distribution written in Ruby; it 
is, in the words of the Rubyx creator, "the most progressive Linux 
distro out there, with features people have yet to grasp. The package 
management system is, to say the least, revolutionary. If you haven't 
tried it yet, please do!" Find out more on rubyx.org 

*Feather Linux 0.3.8*

Feather <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/feather> Linux 0.3.8 has 
been released. What's new? "Fixed Sylpheed size; added MPlayer config 
files; added Arno's iptables script and fwb-run; fixed xterm menu 
colours; added online manpages and HOWTOs links on the Fluxbox menu; 
added wman, an online manpage viewer script; added Getting Started 
HOWTO; changed Opera script to work properly from HD; made small changes 
to the HD install script; added Mutella, fbset and Chipmunk Basic; 
feather now runs as user knoppix; rewrote restoration system - now you 
need to type restore=sda1 restore=hda1, etc; added script to install the 

*Development and unannounced releases*

    * LinuxConsole <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/linuxconsole> 0.4RC2
    * Astaro <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/astaro> Security Linux
      4.743 (5.0beta)
    * Berry <http://www.osforge.com/distrowatch/berry> Linux 0.38

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