[SATLUG] Another greeting...

Bamse mfredriksafstro at satx.rr.com
Mon Mar 24 10:34:24 CDT 2008


I think I should take the to introduce myself as well.
I'm Fredrik Safstrom, a 40 year old Software Engineer for IBM.
I was actually on this list about 4 years ago when I was playing around 
with my PS2 Linux install.
By then I was using Fedora on another computer for compiling and 
transfer files to the PS2.
So that was about the extent of my Linux knowledge...

I recently installed Ubuntu as a dual boot on my XP computer and it 
looks great.
Mostly just out of curiosity and to learn what it's all bout.
I'll keep exploring Ubuntu and let you guys know of my progress...


P.S. Bamse is my nickname and he is very well know cartoon and teddy 
bear in Sweden...

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