[SATLUG] What do I need to use Evolution with an exchange server

gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Mon Mar 24 21:18:50 CDT 2008

I had enough of using the outlook web client with Linux for the accd 
mail system, I want to use Evolution mail.

Now to do this I need to know what questions to ask our "Mail exchange 
experts"  in order to get  Evolution to  work with  our exchange 
servers.  My new  superior  insists on me using the new exchange mail 
servers for my school mail. I know I should have done this before the 
s....t hit the fan but o-well. Any advise out there. I can run Outlook 
inside a XP-Pro VMWare session but as a last resort. I believe I need to 
know the //servername/exchange/path to mail box, but what else?

Thanks for any suggestions including ref. sources. No I haven't done a 
Google search yet but I will if no expert wisdom surfaces.

BTW You all missed an excellent "Linux-Desktop-2008" presentation at the 
OpenSource Fest by Tom Weeks. Lots of new ideas and comments, now I know 
why M$ is so scared. I believe he has the presentation on the XCSSA web 
site. Definitely worth a look. Thanks Tom.

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