[SATLUG] Wubi Setup

Robert Marker rmarker at encoresupportsystems.com
Fri Mar 28 13:22:29 CDT 2008

Sorry about the top post - outlook!

Wubi loads Grub. On the reboot you get the usual Grub OS selection menu.
Ubuntu is listed under Windoz. I get the error trying to do an initial
boot into Ubuntu.


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Its my understanding that wubi is supposed to run inside of windows, and
shoudn't affect your boot partition in the least. 

following quote is from http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta 
There is a new installation option for Windows users. Wubi allows users
to install and uninstall Ubuntu like any other Windows application. It
does not require a dedicated partition, nor does it affect the existing
bootloader, yet users can experience a dual-boot setup almost identical
to a full installation. Wubi works with a physical CD or in stand-alone
mode, by downloading an appropriate ISO to install from. It can be found
on the root of the CD as Wubi.exe. A full installation within a
dedicated partition is still recommended, but Wubi is a great way to try
Ubuntu for a few days and weeks before committing dedicated disk


On Fri, 2008-03-28 at 12:59 -0500, Robert Marker wrote:
> After a year of lurking and an occasional post, decided to start the
> "LEAP" process to get a "BG" divorce. Can't do anything about work but
> to get the wife moving that way did a Wubi install in Windoz 2K. First
> boot give me a error 15 can find c:\ubuntu\disks\boot\grub\menu.lst.
> file does exist in c:\ubuntu\install \boot\grub but appears to be
> scripted for the first bootup.
> SyS: W2k, c: NTFS with plenty of room in the single partition, d:
> 1 gig, 2.0MHz Pen4.
> I originally had everything on the second disk and figured maybe grub
> was looking on the install partition. Moved a copy to c: and
> with same results.
> Anyone else tried the same setup?
> RobertM

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