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Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Mar 28 15:10:22 CDT 2008

toddwbucy wrote:
> You know that hurricane could have just as easily hit Houston as it did
> New Orleans.  Had it done so we here in San Antonio could have been the
> refugees.  Furthermore, not all the victims of Katrina are criminals

oh, puh-leeze.  I've worked in/out of New Orleans for the last 6 years.  
AFTER the storm, before the work started on Windsor park Mall, I was by 
there and saw about 50 ~ 75 able bodied, young (18 ~ 25) men, mostly, 
with shorts (of different waste height), mostly white socks, with 
sandals on, hats on sideways or backwards and most everyone had jewelry 
around their neck, and they were standing around, and -every- one had a 
'40' in their hand, in a plain brown wrapper.  I would venture to say, 
that by -that- time, those who WANTED to help themselves, had already 
left the shelter and were headed out to do -something-.  It was a/the 
group of 'do-nothings' that were all standing around.  And as I drove 
by, drawing on my experience in New Orleans in the last 6 years, this 
thought came through my mind, Todd... 'The only thing that's changed for 
these people, is location'.

> most of the refugees are in fact hard working Americans who had their
> lives torn asunder by the hurricane and then were left to fend for
> themselves by the federal government.  

You really don't have a clue, do you?  It's not taking a long time for 
the people in New Orleans to recover.  Hell, the business infrastructure 
was back up and running in just a few weeks.  After the storm(s) at/near 
the end of Q3 2005, I went back to work to setup a major tradeshow, 'The 
Library Show', in June of 2006.  That's not even a year after Katrina.  
And, it wasn't even the storm that did the damage.  It was the woefully 
non-maintained and inadequate levy system.  The US Government GAVE the 
state of Louisiana enough money (because the couldn't raise it for 
themselves) to build a levy system around Lake Ponchartrain that would 
withstand a Catagory 5 Hurricane.  Katrina, when she hit land, was a 3.5 
~ 4.  It wasn't the storm, but rather the back-surge of water across the 
lake (thats only 6 to 10 feet deep, on average, for 32 miles 
north/south, and 50 miles wide, east/west) that was pushed up and over 
the levies by the winds of the storm.

If the state of Louisiana had actually BUILT a Catagory 5 levy system, 
they (and us) wouldn't have the problems that we are all having right 
now.  No, they built a Catagory 3 levy system, and spent the remaining 
amount of money on a river barge, a casino and other money that just 
'disappeared' that was earmarked for 'entertaining dignitaries'.

I can name you people in Kenner, LA (near the New Orleans airport) 
that's 30 miles WEST of where the storm came in, that are claiming flood 
damage, and roof damage and are getting 'Road Home' money, and this 
grant, and that loan and money coming out of their ears that they aren't 
even sure where it's coming from, and how many of 'em have actually 

> So if you have to blame someone blame God for the hurricane and President Bush for the inept response.
Oh, PLEASE tell me you did NOT go there!

Protocol dictates that The GOVERNOR of the state HAS TO REQUEST 
assistance, in such a disaster.  The Whitehouse was on the phone with 
Kathleen Blanco off/on for *48 HOURS* waiting for her to say "ok, we 
need help".  GET YOUR FACTS straight.

> Don't blame out mayor or gove for showing christian charity by trying to help out fellow Americans in need!

We helped, no doubt.  There's -never- been an issue with every one in 
America doing their part to help the 5th and 6th generation of 
government welfare handout people  of New Orleans... but how long are 
they going to ride that gravy train?  I know of -one- family, living in 
Houston, in an Apartment, that is now -complaining- that they're 
actually going to have to start paying rent in the apartment they've 
been in, for the last TWO PLUS YEARS, because no one has helped them get 
back to New Orleans. 

Ready or not, those folks that are screaming to go back to New Orleans, 
need to be let loose, and let 'em go back.  Get 'em out of -our- hair,  
and out of our houses and off our streets!

I KNOW of where I speak on this issue.  I'm making plans on -moving- to 
New Orleans, simply for the pure economics of living and working in the 
same geographical area.  I've been in and out of that town since Jan of 
2002, and had even moved down there, for a time, but left the May 
-before- the storm. 

I had a checkbook with a Chalmette address on it (that house was under 
20' of water).  I -could- have claimed that I was displaced, even though 
I was renting, and gotten my $2+,ooo debit card, applied for, and gotten 
disaster relief, extended unemployment benefits, foodstamps, welfare, 
etc... with just that checkbook, and my ID.  Did I?  No.  How many 
people do I know, that live in the GNO that would have?  90% of 'em.

So, don't sit there and tell me that the storm only displaced the good 
and decent people of New Orleans, and that it was our Nations Government 
that was at fault for not replying or responding any sooner.  Nature 
CAUSED the storm.  The Government of Louisiana (the best politicians 
money can buy!) let it's people down, and the people of Louisiana and 
New Orleans have got their hand out, like they have for the last 50 or 
60 years, looking for someone to bail them out of trouble, yet again.

The people of SE Louisiana have forgotten what boot-straps are, let 
alone how to pull them selves up by them!


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