[SATLUG] OT - Keep a lookout

Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Mar 28 17:27:19 CDT 2008

Matt Graham wrote:
> PUKE!!!
> I am originally from San Antonio and my wife and all of her family is from
> Chalmette (one of the hardest hist areas).  

I know ALL ABOUT Chalmette.  I lived on Deerfield, in Buccaneer Village, 
North, behind the Home Depot/Walmart on Judge Perez.

Luckily I moved out a month and a half before the hurricane, and came 
back to San Antonio.  The 2-story house I was in, had water half-way up 
the 2nd level.

> ALL of her family (HARD WORKING AMERICANS) were displaced.  None of them are holding out hands.  
I'll concede that I should have said "'MOST' of the people of SE 
>> *^MOST^* of the people of SE Louisiana have forgotten what boot-straps are, let
>> alone how to pull them selves up by them!

You're right.  To lump in -everyone- into the same catagory, just 
because they're from the same geographical area is just wrong. 

Statistically speaking though, you can't argue with the rise in crime in 
all of the major areas that extended a helping hand to help those that 
were displaced.  But, just as you can't have a top without a bottom, a 
left without a right, a front without a back, an up without a down, you 
can't have good without bad.  I just wish that the good/bad of the 
people of SE Louisiana was more balanced.  I'll leave it to the 
collective to figure out in which direction I -know- (from past, 
personal experience) in which direction the scales are tipped.

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