[SATLUG] WoW players, anyone?

Johnny V xXx at satx.rr.com
Sat Mar 29 19:09:42 CDT 2008

<=== WoW addict here
Been playing since about March of 05 and have been hooked since. I use 
to run it with WINE a few years back. But when I joined a hardcore 
raiding guild I had trouble with some wow mods and ventrillo so I gave 
up since they were necessary. Ive been playing it on windoz ever since. 
Been wanting to try it back on WINE but haven't had the time to mess 
with it. And just a heads up most people don't really use the in-game 
voice chat since the quality isn't that great. You should prolly try to 
get ventrillo working through WINE. Would like to know if it works thru 
WINE myself.  =P
Oh I'm on Mal'Ganis 70 Warrior named Taqito

Justin Burdette wrote:
> I'm curious to know if anyone else in the group plays World of Warcraft on
> Linux?
> After a bit of searching, I figured I'd give CrossOver a try to run it. It
> installed just fine, but wouldn't run the game. I gave up on that and tried
> installing through WINE and have had no problems ever since, except for one.
> The WoW.exe process won't end when I exit the game, so I have to kill it
> through CLI or using KSysGuard. Not a major irritation, but it would be nice
> if it just closed when I click "exit"... Also, I can't seem to get my voice
> chat to work. I've tried just about every configuration possible in winecfg
> and in WoW, and it just won't go. I can do voice chat with no problems on
> Skype though.
> Aside from that, if there are any more WoW addicts out there, what realm? If
> there are enough of us, perhaps we should form a SATLUG guild? :-)
> Justin

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