[SATLUG] WoW players, anyone?

Jose Leiva leivajose at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 20:08:39 CDT 2008

I been playing WoW since april of last year.
I have tried running WoW on Fedora 7, Ubuntu 7 & 8 using Wine. It runs
Awesome. I was getting high ms in windows around 200ms
but once I switched to linux I got 16ms.
The only problem the I got is using Ventrilo, since right now they only have
released the Windows 32 and 64 bit and Mac versions they have not yet
released the linux version, which it has been in "development" for the last
When i do run Ventrilo in linux using wine the only thing that i get to work
is receiving audio, but i have not yet been able to send audio.
Although some people on forums have had good luck running Ventrilo in a
virtual installation of windows, I have not tried it because I consider that
cheating :P, but I might have to end up doing that once I get into serious
raiding or switch to Windows.
Here is the link to get Ventrilo "working" on linux

I have used this tutorial but its only for ubuntu.

One thing that did bother me while using Ubuntu with Compiz is when I
Alt+click to cast a spell on your self it moved the window. To fix this you
have to go to the window preferences in System->Preferences-Windows and
change the default key other than Alt.

I have a Level 70 Undead Mage in Stormreaver named "Josie"  ROFL.

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