[SATLUG] WoW players, anyone?

John Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 22:12:47 CDT 2008

I run WoW using Wine on both my desktop machine as well as my laptop, both 
running Mandriva, the laptop being 64bit.
I'm on Bladefist realm almost every night, usually after 10pm, often well past 
I have no issues running WoW on either machine except lower performance on the 
laptop due to integrated nvidia 7150M chip. I use 'wine WoW.exe -opengl' for 
regular gameplay, but if there is a patch to be applied, I restart with the 
default launcher "wine Launcher.exe"; else it has issues downloading the 
Since my desktop machine is an Athlon-XP 2600 with nvidia 7300, and my laptop 
has the integrated nvidia chip w/ shared memory, I use 1024x768 res. and turn 
off annoying stuff like full-screen-glow. Runs pretty smooth on the desktop 
machine and a little choppy, but playable on the laptop.
I don't have a mic, so I haven't tried voice chat. But I have enabled it and 
can hear other players in the party with no issues.
I would definitely be interested in a guild with either SATLUG or other Linux 
guild. I've asked around in-game about Linux users, but had no responses.

On Saturday 29 March 2008 17:05:21 Justin Burdette wrote:
> I'm curious to know if anyone else in the group plays World of Warcraft on
> Linux?
> After a bit of searching, I figured I'd give CrossOver a try to run it. It
> installed just fine, but wouldn't run the game. I gave up on that and tried
> installing through WINE and have had no problems ever since, except for
> one. The WoW.exe process won't end when I exit the game, so I have to kill
> it through CLI or using KSysGuard. Not a major irritation, but it would be
> nice if it just closed when I click "exit"... Also, I can't seem to get my
> voice chat to work. I've tried just about every configuration possible in
> winecfg and in WoW, and it just won't go. I can do voice chat with no
> problems on Skype though.
> Aside from that, if there are any more WoW addicts out there, what realm?
> If there are enough of us, perhaps we should form a SATLUG guild? :-)
> Justin

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