[SATLUG] OT(?sorta) Linksys WCG200 - DHCP wrong (or bad) address with routing and NAT turned on

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 01:03:32 CDT 2008

Jennie Haywood wrote:
> This has been incredibly frustrating.  Apparently, we had a power
> outage last night.  Generally the router may go down but it comes back
> up working.
> Oh but not today.  So I start the normal troubleshooting measures.
> Pinging gateways, doing traceroutes, getting into the user interface
> on the router to see what
> it thinks is going on.  The router was initially set up to get it's
> WAN side address via DHCP, but after several hours of troubleshooting
> and experimenting I found that I could make it work if I statically
> set an IP address.
> I've had several conversations with Grande's tech support  who have
> been telling  me alternately , the hardware was "broken" and I needed
> to call Linksys support OR we have no idea what the problem could be.
> I find it hard to believe that it's "broken" when it *IS* receiving
> and setting the IP address from a DHCP server
> although the address seems not to have the correct information attached to it.
> Plus it's such bad form for Grande's tech support guys to assume
> you're an idiot, and you couldn't *possibly* know what you're talking
> about if you're a woman. :(
> SO - when the routing and NAT is turned on AND  I let it get the
> address via DHCP, I get an address like 72.48.XX.XX, but I can't ping
> out past the cable modem itself and NOTHING works (no Internet joy).
> When I turn the routing and NAT *off* and let the computer get the IP
> address I get an address like 66.90.XX.XX and everything works (we
> have Internet joy).
> When I turn the routing and NAT *on* and set the IP address to static
> and set it to the 66.90.XX.XX - everything works (again we have
> Internet joy).
> Anyone else encountered anything like this?
I'm not too good with routers but I'm guessing that it lost its 
programming and has reverted to its default settings.
I googled for the manual and found this link:

Hope it helps.
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