[SATLUG] Installing ReactOS in VMware Server

Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 23:20:50 CDT 2008

RE: Don Crowder to San 12:25 PM (10 hours ago) [emsig]
satlugacct at jchampion.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an older whitebox PIII 866 with 512mb of ram. I would like to
> install Solaris on it to learn and to play with. I see where the system
> requirements state that this is the minimum for a working system.
> So would the performance be less than satisfactory? I would hate to
> build a new box for this.
> Are there any other OS' that I could plan with instead? Other than
> Linux/Unix?

That machine would run just about any "flavor" of BSD nicely or, if you
just want to get your hands dirty with something interesting you could
install ReactOS and contribute to their adventure.

Don Crowder
A proud user of Debian Etch w/KDE.

In the ReactOS page FAQ they recommend installing ReactOS in QEMU.
They mention that VMware is another possibility.
Has anyone on this list installed ReactOS in the "free" Vmware Server?
Apparently, since I am technically challenged, my problem is answering
the "free" Vmware Server installation question.
The first question  is "Typical" or "Custom". I always pick "Typical".
The next question is "Guest Operating System". For Linux I pick Linux.
VMware Server then presents a list of Linux OSes.
ReactOS is not one of them and neither was LFS which Bruce
successfully installed.
There are six "Other Linux" choices. Three of them are for 64 bit
Linux. These do not apply.
The other three are---
"Other Linux 2.4.x kernel"
"Other Linux 2.6.x kernel"
"Other Linux".

RE: Bruce Dubbs to San Mar 20 (11 days ago)

Robert Pearson wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 7:56 PM, Al Castanoli <afcasta at satx.rr.com> wrote:

>>  3. Makes a nice, compact guest os in VMware, when I have to boot windows
>>  to run a wireless firewall client.
> I'm confused here. I tried to install PCLimuxOS as a guest OS in
> VMware Server with no success.
> After three failures I read the docs and could not find that PCLinuxOS
> was a supported guest OS for VMware Server?
> Neither was Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy which I tried unsuccessfully.
> I must be missing something here.

I don't know what you did, but I was able to boot a Linux From Scratch
live CD in VMware Workstation 5.5 and build an entire LFS system there.
 Works fine.

I don't know much about VMware Server.

 -- Bruce

For PCLinuxOS G-2212 I picked "Other Linux". It installed but went
haywire doing updates.
It was unusable when it booted. Long hangs, missing features things
didn't work like they did in a non-VMware Server install to disk.

For Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy I choose "Ubuntu". The install went OK until
updates. It never finished updating. In frustration I hardware
rebooted the machine. The VMware Ubuntu did not work anything like the
disk installed version.

Could the problem have been I installed Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy on the disk.
Then I installed "free" VMware Server in Ubuntu 71.0 Gutsy. Then I
attempted to install Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy in the "free" VMware Server
running under Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy. In my ignorance I felt this should
work just fine.

Any and all help is appreciated.


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