[SATLUG] Installing ReactOS in VMware Server

Jim Wells jfw5cpa at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 11:27:58 CDT 2008

You don't need to install ReactOS into VMWare.  Just download the version
that is preloaded on a VMware virtual machine and you shouldn't have any
problems.  I downloaded & played with it a couple of evenings & didn't have
any trouble with running it.


> In the ReactOS page FAQ they recommend installing ReactOS in QEMU.
> They mention that VMware is another possibility.
> Has anyone on this list installed ReactOS in the "free" Vmware Server?
> Apparently, since I am technically challenged, my problem is answering
> the "free" Vmware Server installation question.
> The first question  is "Typical" or "Custom". I always pick "Typical".
> The next question is "Guest Operating System". For Linux I pick Linux.
> VMware Server then presents a list of Linux OSes.
> ReactOS is not one of them and neither was LFS which Bruce
> successfully installed.

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