[SATLUG] Java problem on Ubuntu 8.04 beta

Richard Maynard richard.maynard at gmail.com
Thu May 1 11:42:54 CDT 2008

I know I'm a week late, but I don't get much time for my mail anymore! 
If you set the environment variable like below:

  JAVA_HOME=/opt/jre1.6.0_05; export JAVA_HOME

It should work just fine. Any java apps you are running will need to 
have that set for them if they are not running from your shell.

-- Richard Maynard

Ryan Stewart wrote:
> Greetings all. I've been lurking here a while, and I've got a question now.
> First, I'm fairly new to Linux. I can find my way around the command line,
> but I don't know too much about Linux overall.
> I downloaded the desktop version of ubuntu 8.04 beta, and I tried running it
> on one box as a LiveCD. I downloaded the self-extracting Java installer,
> version 1.6 update 5, made it executable, and ran it in /opt. It extracts to
> a directory /opt/jre1.6.0_05. When I run /opt/jre1.6.0_05/bin/java -version,
> I get an error message similar to this (don't have the exact message on
> hand):
> "error while loading shared libraries: libjli.so: cannot open shared object
> file: No such file or directory"
> I've done exactly the same thing with the same ubuntu version installed in a
> VMware VM, and it works fine.
> The file libjli.so exists in /opt/jre1.6.0_05/lib/i386/jli. I found that if
> I copy this file to /usr/lib, it no longer complains about it, but instead
> says it can't find libjava.so, which exists in /opt/jre1.6.0_05/lib/i386.
> Copying that file to /usr/lib doesn't help.
> Tonight I'm going to try installing ubuntu to a hard drive on the computer
> that's having the problem and see what happens, but I'm still curious what
> would cause this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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