[SATLUG] email in GNU/Linux and MS Windows

dvmail at texas.net dvmail at texas.net
Sat May 3 12:10:39 CDT 2008

You can use Sylpheed in GNU/Linux and MS Windows. Copy the GNU/Linux data file
to the MS Windows side (after installing the program in MS Windows).

As for remote access, several ways...
Search for WinSCP from sourceforge site
You can try doing VNC with SSH tunneling

Have fun,
Saludos desde Canada
Daniel Villarreal

---begin quote...
...  I, like a lot of other people on here, had been playing with Linux, and
staying with Windows, but i've had other issues, that I won't go into here. 
Very soon (hence, the reason for my asking about remote access for linux) I'll
be converting over completely.  I've just got some files to back up, and
data on other drives to consolidate.  The biggest step was getting email
converted from one OS to the other.  Now, since that's done, I need to
be able to access this system from remote.

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