[SATLUG] 2 machines, same image, different result.

Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchezvela at yahoo.com
Sat May 3 16:31:58 CDT 2008

--- On Fri, 5/2/08, Don Crowder <donguitar at gmail.com> wrote: 
> The only hardware failure I can envision would be in the
> video card and 
> even that seems iffy.
> I think I'd get the kids to back up any personal data
> they want to keep 
> to thumb drives (external HDD or CD) and do fresh
> installations of 
> Ubuntu 8.04.  It is, after all, a long term support (LTS)
> release and 
> most of the reviews I've seen have been very favorable.
>  I suppose you 
> could upgrade the "good" machine via synaptic and
> just do a fresh 
> install on the "bad" machine but my experiences
> with online distro 
> updates haven't been good. Where possible I like to
> start fresh but 
> maybe I'm just a paranoid.  :)
> -- 
> Don Crowder


thnx for looking at this, the hw issue might be a good point as it fails miserably just the same in FC6/7 as in Ubuntu...

how can I test?

btw.. when I said the images were identical, I couldn't be lying any more, I ran a test with dkpg --list on both pcs and the output is so different that it scares me.



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