[SATLUG] remote access

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun May 4 10:08:39 CDT 2008

At the risk of being 'constructive'... (-grin-)

A while back I asked about remote access.  I took someone's advice on
NoMachine (NX) and installed the server version on my openSuSE 10.3
box.  I gotta say, from remote (was in Houston over the weekend) it
seems to be 'snappier' and more quick to respond than RDP was on the XP
box (which is still sitting silent now, for going on 5 days.)  That
said, I thought that RDP was pretty good, via remote and the few times I
tried VNC (tightvnc) it seemed the connection was -s-l-o-w- in comparison.

What I'd like to ask of the collective is, do you, or have you had a
system that had both NX and tightvnc on it, and have you compared the
two side-by-side?

Which is quicker?

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