[SATLUG] A boon for older hardware.

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun May 4 14:24:15 CDT 2008

Finding a distro that's nicely suited to older hardware has been 
something of a personal crusade for me and I've tried, and ultimately 
been displeased, with DSL, Puppy, Xubuntu and DeLi Linux.  I've tried 
SaxenOS (and its predecessor who's name I've forgotten) in its previous 
incarnation though I've yet to try its latest built-on-PCLinuxOS version 
(it's on my list to try).

I'm currently excited about some new-to-me discoveries.  Both PC-BSD and 
KateOS run lean, mean and fast on a 550 MHz P3 with 192 MB of RAM 
(Compaq desktop) and Kate did a more than respectable job on my 500 MHz 
Thinkpad (P3 w/256 MB of RAM) until the HDD cratered.  Yesterday I spent 
some time tinkering with PCFluxboxOS (tinyflux) installed on a 466 MHz 
Celeron with 384 MB of RAM (HP Pavilion 4445 w/4.2 MB HDD) and was very 
impressed with it.  I've ordered a new HDD for my Thinkpad and am 
looking forward to trying tinyflux on it.  If it doesn't run, it's great 
knowing I can just switch back to Kate.

If you know of a distro that's well suited to older hardware I'd sure 
appreciate hearing about it.

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Don Crowder
A proud user of Debian Etch w/KDE.

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