[SATLUG] A boon for older hardware.

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun May 4 16:04:54 CDT 2008

Dennis Myhand wrote:
> Don Crowder wrote:

>> If you know of a distro that's well suited to older hardware I'd sure 
>> appreciate hearing about it.
> Debian has an install with XFCE as the desktop.

Debian, via the net install, comes with Gnome and it's possible to 
install Xfce via synaptic (or apt-get from the CLI). Of course KDE and 
several other alternatives are also in the repository but you still have 
to start with Gnome.  You can also replace GDM with KDM though I've 
never done that.  I just switched to KDE and made it my default.  The 
same could be done with any of the *buntu family.

I started with Debian-default and added Xfce on that 466 MHz Pavilion I 
mentioned in my previous post and it was ok but tinyflux is 
substantially faster and seems equally stable.

I suppose one could install Debian w/Xfce if one had the entire set of 
21 CDs (or 3 DVDs though few older computers have DVD drives) but I 
don't recommend buying the media.  I bought a full set of Sarge CDs two 
weeks before Etch was released (talk about a "well, duh!" feeling) and 
that's not a mistake I care to repeat, especially with all the rumors of 
Lenny being moved into Stable "any day now".

Those rumors have, thus far, kept me from switching to PCLinuxOS or 
Linux Mint.  Etch does everything I need it to do, smoothly, 
consistently, and with less hassle than I experienced in Windows but all 
the stuff I hear from my friends keeps me in a state of "distro envy", 
know what I mean?  :)
Don Crowder

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