[SATLUG] A boon for older hardware.

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Sun May 4 17:41:20 CDT 2008

Don Crowder wrote:
> Dennis Myhand wrote:
>> Don Crowder wrote:

> I suppose one could install Debian w/Xfce if one had the entire set of 
> 21 CDs (or 3 DVDs though few older computers have DVD drives) but I 
> don't recommend buying the media.  I bought a full set of Sarge CDs two 
> weeks before Etch was released (talk about a "well, duh!" feeling) and 
> that's not a mistake I care to repeat, especially with all the rumors of 
> Lenny being moved into Stable "any day now".
> Those rumors have, thus far, kept me from switching to PCLinuxOS or 
> Linux Mint.  Etch does everything I need it to do, smoothly, 
> consistently, and with less hassle than I experienced in Windows but all 
> the stuff I hear from my friends keeps me in a state of "distro envy", 
> know what I mean?  :)

You don't need all 21 cds.  There is one cd to download and it installs 
XFCE as the desktop.  Look here:


Go to the bottom of the list and look for:


I also know about "distro envy."  I have a student who is into Linux and 
keeps telling me about the latest one he is trying.  I have run Debian 
since 2.1.  3.0 ran great on my 600MHz P-III.  I now have a more modern 
amd64 3400+ with 2 gigs of ram and I don't worry about what I run, but I 
stay with Debian.

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