[SATLUG] A boon for older hardware.

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon May 5 10:18:24 CDT 2008

Don Crowder wrote:
> Geoff wrote:
>> A 'supported network adapter' is any nic (Network Interface Card) that
>> is natively recognized in a Linux environment.
>> Therefore, when you load up a 'live cd' into the cd tray of your system,
>> boot from said cd, the OS has to be able to automagically detect and
>> setup the nic in the system.  When it goes 'live' (get's an ipaddress)
>> it is then known as a 'supported network adapter' (that'd be the card
>> where the ethernet cable is plugged into).
> You know, I've installed several distros on various Intel and AMD
> systems ranging between 66 MHz and 1800 MHz and I've only encountered
> one desktop which didn't pick up my wired connection as it booted up.
> In that instance I grabbed a 3Com NIC out of my junk drawer and
> swapped it for the extant card, solving the problem.  Wired ethernet
> support in Linux seems, on the face of it, to be almost the reciprocal
> of wireless support in Linux.  Mind you, I was smiling when I typed that.

I gotta agree with that.  I've not had a lot of experience with a
wireless device, and in fact, the only one I have had any dealings with,
personally, is the one that's in my laptop.

that said, I've tried -several- different 'livecd' distros, trying to
get the built-in wifi to work, with no success, yet.

> Thanks Geoff.  Nomenclature is a major stumbling block for me as I
> have no IT or computer experience in my background.  I was an LMR
> bench technician for 25 years, acquired my first Win98 box with a
> modem during the last five and never took the cover off a computer
> before 2006 (a few days after I tried my first Ubuntu live CD).  Since
> then I've been dog-paddling as fast as I can but the current is swift
> and getting faster.

I knew you knew better, but just weren't understanding what was being
said.  "Rice pudding" is about how my brain gets after a while, too,
when I've sat too long on a bench staring at a problem that's solution
is staring me dead square in the eyes.  I -hate- that feeling... 


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