[SATLUG] Computer Show this weekend...

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon May 5 22:12:29 CDT 2008

Hi Nate;

I can't attend the meeting, as I'm teaching that night.  I'm still
on-line for photo processing if you want it.  Actually, I think it'd be
a blast.


Nathan wrote:
> Matt,
> Link to the show information: http://www.pcshows.com/
> Everyone,
> I would like some time at the meeting to finalize what we will do at the show with our presentations.  We will then try and post that info here on Friday.
> If you plan to help at the booth, [please lets not take advantage of the people that put on the show, they have been good to use for a long time], please try and be in place before the opening time of 9 AM.  We have limited boot space, and the show people get charged by the civic center for the power we use.
> Nathan

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