[SATLUG] An AT (antique computer) question

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Wed May 7 19:06:26 CDT 2008

herb cee wrote:
> Don Crowder wrote:
>> Right next to those RAM sockets is what 
>> looks like an ordinary PC100 RAM slot (I'm guessing I should have 
>> typed PC66 but that's only conjecture on my part as I've never seen 
>> one).  What's the story on that third, different slot?  Does anyone know?
> Hey Don, I think that socket is to take an external CPU buffer. As I 
> recall the slot does not have the clamp-downs at each end and I think 
> only had a single divider about 1/3 the way from one end.

Nope, it's got the clamps and two key "humps".  I plugged in a PC100 
card just to confirm that and it fit perfectly (though I didn't apply 
power with it plugged in).

>> Next, the thing doesn't have enough onboard video RAM to get above 
>> four-bit, 640 X 480 resolution.  I plugged in a PCI video card but 
>> couldn't make it work.  I couldn't find any reference to video in the 
>> bios and couldn't find a physical jumper either.  It's got two PCI 
>> slots and two AGP slots but I don't have an AGP video card.  Suggestions?
> Hmmmm I don't think AGP goes back that far are you sure they are not ISA 
> slots.

I'm sorry Herb, there I go stumbling over nomenclature again.  Of course 
they're ISA slots.

> Also just a note is that a lot of those older mobo's only have an 
> mfg's ID on the bottom side of the card.

There are tables printed on the top of the board but no numbers anywhere 
and it didn't occur to me to take the thing apart looking for a number. 
  I suppose I could do that though.

There a little four row of four pins labeled with something about 
digital audio and next to them is a pair of jumper pins labeled "YP" (as 
best I could tell) but there's no shorting clip on them.  Maybe there 
oughta be?  I'm pretty sure the audio pins were intended for front panel 
jacks on the case, which this case lacks.


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