[SATLUG] An AT (antique computer) question

Brian astro at astr0.org
Wed May 7 20:56:19 CDT 2008

I have a few old ISA cards if your interested.

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On May 7, 2008, at 19:06, Don Crowder <donguitar at gmail.com> wrote:

> herb cee wrote:
>> Don Crowder wrote:
>>> Right next to those RAM sockets is what looks like an ordinary  
>>> PC100 RAM slot (I'm guessing I should have typed PC66 but that's  
>>> only conjecture on my part as I've never seen one).  What's the  
>>> story on that third, different slot?  Does anyone know?
>> Hey Don, I think that socket is to take an external CPU buffer. As  
>> I recall the slot does not have the clamp-downs at each end and I  
>> think only had a single divider about 1/3 the way from one end.
> Nope, it's got the clamps and two key "humps".  I plugged in a PC100  
> card just to confirm that and it fit perfectly (though I didn't  
> apply power with it plugged in).
>>> Next, the thing doesn't have enough onboard video RAM to get above  
>>> four-bit, 640 X 480 resolution.  I plugged in a PCI video card but  
>>> couldn't make it work.  I couldn't find any reference to video in  
>>> the bios and couldn't find a physical jumper either.  It's got two  
>>> PCI slots and two AGP slots but I don't have an AGP video card.   
>>> Suggestions?
>> Hmmmm I don't think AGP goes back that far are you sure they are  
>> not ISA slots.
> I'm sorry Herb, there I go stumbling over nomenclature again.  Of  
> course they're ISA slots.
>> Also just a note is that a lot of those older mobo's only have an  
>> mfg's ID on the bottom side of the card.
> There are tables printed on the top of the board but no numbers  
> anywhere and it didn't occur to me to take the thing apart looking  
> for a number.  I suppose I could do that though.
> There a little four row of four pins labeled with something about  
> digital audio and next to them is a pair of jumper pins labeled  
> "YP" (as best I could tell) but there's no shorting clip on them.   
> Maybe there oughta be?  I'm pretty sure the audio pins were intended  
> for front panel jacks on the case, which this case lacks.
> Thanks,
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> Don
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