[SATLUG] yahoo and pidgin

Leo E. Midha leoem at stealth3.com
Thu May 8 11:46:20 CDT 2008

Geoff wrote:
> I think I'm starting to see a trend, here...
> Anyone on Time-Warner seems to have issues with pidgin and yahoo, on a
> Linux system.
> (I specify, because just to verify to myself, I fired up the Winders
> box, and sure enough, yahoo connected right up, to the same server
> (csc.msg.yahoo.com port:5050)) ... but any other ISP seems to be work
> flawlessly.
> Now, I know that sounds contradictory... My Linux desktop is on my
> server.  The LAN server doles out ip addresses and acts as
> router/gateway/firewall, etc... so, if the Windows box can get in, and
> be seen (using Trillian, also a non-standard multi-client chat program)
> and not see Pidgin on the Linux destop, even though the Linux desktop is
> on the system that feeds the Winders box.
> What's -really- screwy to me is, sometimes yahoo on pidgin works, and
> sometimes it doesn't. 
> What could be causing the 'intermittent'?

I do have some issues like that, but using MSN.  my Windows pidgin 
clients won't connect to MSN IM, or take some time to get there. 
However on the same box (dual boot - laptop) MSN has no issues 
connecting on that side (same pidgin release version - on 
slackware-12.0).  Honestly, i thought this might be related to my router 
, which is a WRT54GL running DD-WRT-v23SP2.

If your linux desktop is having some issues, but the windows flowing 
traffic through that box works; i'm going to guess there has to be 
something with port-forwarding/NAT/nat-routing.


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