[SATLUG] Thank Saint IGNUcius (& Linus) for Linux

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Sun May 11 18:31:02 CDT 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
> here it is
> http://www.satlug.org/pipermail/satlug/2008-May/056221.html
> Dennis Myhand <dmyhand at suddenlink.net> wrote: Chris Lemire wrote:
>> St. IGNUcius didn't wasn't the first thread. It was somebody's joke, but I'm done talking about it. I just want a reply to an email I made not related to any of that and wondered why I receive no responses.
> If you asked a question that no one answered, it might be because no one 
> knew the answer.  What was the question?

Well, off-hand I would say that you have 8 pin connectors and 9 pin 
headers on the motherboard.  My guess is that that pin which is exposed 
needs to be connected as well.  You will need to get a front mount usb 
kit, or find out how the mobo headers are pinned out and connect your 
current kit's connectors accordingly.  You very well may have needed 
what you say you cut off.  Sorry, but this is the best I can do.

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