[SATLUG] Re: Lemire USB Problemo (Formerly St Ignatius)

scs at worldlinkisp.com scs at worldlinkisp.com
Sun May 11 19:15:13 CDT 2008

The pin you cut off was a keying pin to show which
end conformed to your USB wiring.  Your motherboard
manual should have identified which end is which.

You need to determine which end is which....This can
be done by a simple continuity check between a ground
point on the motherboard and either end of the eight

Two pins on one end are GROUND, two on the other end
are Vcc (+5Vdc)

If you don't have a DVM, you can use a LED with a 1~2
K Ohm series resistor to locate the +5Vdc
pins......The end of the plug with the black wires
goes to the ground end you verified, and the Red
wires go to Vcc (+5Vdc).

You should be good to go, provided your usb
cable/connector is okay and you haven't messed
anything else up......Always a good idea to RTDM and
look at the pictorials up front.



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