[SATLUG] Saint/???? Thanking etc.

gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Sun May 11 21:23:46 CDT 2008

The needless off linux subjects and responces are having a negative 
responce outside this list.  At the computer show I had several make 
note of the off-linux trash on the list and how they just stop using 
satlug. One of these was a solid profession Linux user that told a 
prospective member to try else where as SATLUG is becomming a child like 
blog with trivial Linux comments. That one threw me for a loop but I 
really could not respond in defense as he was correct.  There were other 
similar comments expressed at the show from some who had really wanted 
some Linux answers.

The show was good with lots of people comming by to see the demos Ed T., 
Nate O., Don W.  and Otheniel G. were giving, and Nate D. had his hands 
full with advice giving the time he was there. Maybe we need to look at 
off-topic ramblings as taking away from the intent and focus of SATUG.

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