[SATLUG] distro recomnedation

Ramon Hermida rhermida at utpa.edu
Tue May 13 15:36:32 CDT 2008

I am thinking Damn Small Linux would work well for this.  Regarding the
messenger question, Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) supports this
protocol as well.



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need a distro recommendation for my father's ancient computer.  Its a
PIII with 256 mb of ram and a 6 gig hard drive.  I tried Ubuntu but its
way to bloated for this box. was thinking of puppy but I haven't tried
it out yet on my test box at home.  Basic software requirements are
firefox, OO, and skype.

oh yeah is there a F/OSS alternative to windows messenger. My step-mom
uses it for her chat and support groups and does not want to have to
change her ID.

Thanks in advance


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