[SATLUG] Solaris by Sun Micro

John Chalinder argiod at bresnan.net
Thu May 15 13:38:15 CDT 2008

I just tried Solaris by Sun Microsystems. Their ad hype says, "...Solaris is 
what Ubuntu wants to be when it grows up." I fully disagree.

After an 8 hour d/l of the installation iso, 1 1/2 hour DVD burn, and 1 1/2 
hour installation... the system rebooted, spun the h/d for 5 minutes, and 
repeated this until I manually shut off the system.

Then I booted to 'Solaris Failsafe Mode', and after 5 minutes was delivered to 
a blank screen with a '#' prompt, and no clue what to do from there.

Thankfully, it was only the typical 15 minutes to reinstall Ubuntu and the 
typical 5 minutes to fully update, to return to my fully functional, friendly 
Ubuntu system.

My rebuttal to Sun's hype for Solaris: "Ubuntu is what Solaris only hopes it 
could be."

Of course, this is just my opinion; I could be wrong. But, for now, I'll stick 
with Ubuntu, unless/until Solaris 'grows up' and becomes user friendly.

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