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Thu May 15 15:29:50 CDT 2008

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John Chalinder wrote:
> I just tried Solaris by Sun Microsystems. Their ad hype says,
> "...Solaris is what Ubuntu wants to be when it grows up." I fully disagree.
> After an 8 hour d/l of the installation iso, 1 1/2 hour DVD burn, and 1
> 1/2 hour installation... the system rebooted, spun the h/d for 5
> minutes, and repeated this until I manually shut off the system.
> Then I booted to 'Solaris Failsafe Mode', and after 5 minutes was
> delivered to a blank screen with a '#' prompt, and no clue what to do
> from there.
> Thankfully, it was only the typical 15 minutes to reinstall Ubuntu and
> the typical 5 minutes to fully update, to return to my fully functional,
> friendly Ubuntu system.
> My rebuttal to Sun's hype for Solaris: "Ubuntu is what Solaris only
> hopes it could be."
> Of course, this is just my opinion; I could be wrong. But, for now, I'll
> stick with Ubuntu, unless/until Solaris 'grows up' and becomes user
> friendly.

That's too bad.  I have had very good experiences with solaris in the
past.  I know with solaris, you really need to check the HCL to make it

I have found it to be rock solid but devoid of the open source software
ports.  That is why I had switched from solaris to linux.  It just seems
that there is so much more development of open source applications on
the linux platform than on the solaris platform.  Don't get me wrong.
Solaris has been great for large databases and mass storage.  But most
web apps appear to be running on lamp (linux, apache, mysql, and
php/perl).  And linux is now being used for the large databases and mass
storage.  Just look at IBM and their use of linux.

My personal view may be along with yours.

For me, solaris is a little late on jumping on the open source band
wagon.  May be for solaris, it is too little, too late.

Luis Garza
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