[SATLUG] Fedora 9

luis luis at luisgarza.com
Fri May 16 00:27:16 CDT 2008

Greg Swift wrote:
> On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 2:47 AM, Chris Lemire <good_bye300 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Has anyone made the leap to Fedora 9 yet? I'm still considering it, but I don't know how much trouble I will run into. I've got everything working great in F8, and would hate to mess that
>> up by upgrading, and I probably can't resist doing it. I'd like to know how anybodies experience has been, and I look forward to having a few kde4 applications. Anyone using Fedora 9 recently?
> If you are that concerned why not atleast give the live cd or usb a
> try?  the liveusb even has persistance now... rather slick concept..
> can't wait for the dvd to finish downloading so I can set it up
> myself.

For all the things that Redhat does, it is at the very least, active.
For me, the server is stable and works.  It does not need baby sitting.
 Fedora, as a server, has always worked for me.  But I do admit that I
have had a few problems setting them up as desktop.  It see to need too
many additional downloads, like flash or a pdf reader.  It does not
support mp3s, more downloads.  The Totem player needs codecs, more
downloads.  And them sometimes, it just does not work.

I am very thankful for Ubuntu.  I like it better the Mandiva/Mandrake.
With Ubuntu, the updates are fast and easy to get.  And they don't
require a subscription.  They sure got to the ssl and ssh problem quick.

As a server, I don't trust it just yet.  I installed the server and I
needed a ton of updates.  Plus it just seemed that it does no install
all the necessary programs for a decent web server.  I needed to install
the php hooks for mysql.  You would think that lamp would be a basic or
minimal install.  You really need to know what you are doing and what
you need to have installed.

I must admit, it is a little bit difficult trying to remember the
difference in the directory structure or where the store the conf files.
 But that is just knowing the differences between the different types of

I still find it hard to turn away from Fedora as a server.  It just
plain works.

~ Luis Garza

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