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Ernest De Leon edeleonjr at gmail.com
Fri May 16 10:41:05 CDT 2008

Oh, don't worry about me writing it off permanently.  I always tinker with
new things and if I don't like them, I move along and circle back later on
to see how much progress has been made (case in point PCBSD.)  I appreciate
that the Solaris platform has been rock solid up to the point where they
went 'open,' and I'm sure with time, there will be more community
involvement and a better experience.  I'm just commenting on my experience
with Indiana, and it is what it is - total garbage.  That will most likely
change with time, for the better.  I just don't buy (for a second) that
Solaris is 'what Ubuntu wants to become when it grows up.'  It the exact
opposite.  Ubuntu has done more in the last 4 years than the rest of the
distributions could do in over a decade.  I think that speaks volumes about
Ubuntu and puts it square in a position of leadership rather than one of
apprenticeship.  This has been a blessing and a bane for Ubuntu in that now
a good chunk of Linux users are starting to 'bad mouth' Ubuntu simply
because of it's popularity and 'mainstream-ism.'  I won't get into a Mac
diatribe, but you know what I mean (especially here in the bay area/silicon
valley where Macs are more cliche than coffee.)  The point is (and I
practice this religiously) that you should try out as many distributions as
you want to.  With apps like VMware and Vitrualbox, this is easier than
ever, and you may find that you like something else better than what you are
using.  I know that before Ubuntu hit the market in 2004, I was hopping
between debian, fedora and slackware because none offered everything that I
wanted in a single distro.  Debian was the closest, but it wasn't perfect.
Ubuntu (for me at least) is the perfect balance of usability, stability and
speed.  It is my main distro and will probably always be.  By the same
token, PCBSD has made major leaps and bounds lately, and it is a serious
contender for the desktop now.  It is quite a work of art, and I encourage
everyone to pop it in a VM and give it a whirl.  You may like what you
find.  :)


On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 7:38 PM, Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org>

> On 5/15/08, Ernest De Leon wrote:
>   You're not too far off...I have tinkered with OpenSolaris (DP2) and the
>>  bona-fide Indiana release....total load of crap.
> That stuff isn't fully baked yet.  Give it another year or so. Instead, try
> the older not-entirely-open-source Solaris 10 for Intel. That works much
> better, and feels much more like real Solaris.
> Meanwhile, give Indiana some more time to get fully baked before you try it
> again.
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