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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri May 16 16:13:41 CDT 2008

Ernest De Leon wrote:

> If you look at the original post, the article which makes that statement is
> comparing OpenSolaris (Indiana) to Ubuntu, not 'not-so-open' Solaris 10.

I'm not at home right now, so I can't see the original message.  But the 
subject line and some of the messages on this thread I can see, all you 
talked about was "Solaris".  And I'm here to tell you that OpenSolaris 
(Indiana) is *NOT* "Solaris".  The ad you were referring to where Sun said 
that Solaris is what Ubuntu wants to be didn't have anything at all to do 
with OpenSolaris (Indiana), it had to do with Solaris.

I know the names are confusing, but this is a vital point that you need to 
keep straight when you're talking about different products.

>                     What is at issue here is whether or not Sun's new
> attempt to move toward a more open and robust (application variety/packages)
> OS with Open Solaris (Indiana) is even comparable to Ubuntu, much less
> 'impressionable' to Ubuntu.

OpenSolaris (Indiana) is not the final version of the end product.  Hell, 
this isn't even the official 1.0 release version of the new product.  This 
is more like a beta/tech preview of what is coming up, and it's going to 
keep evolving.

Sun was comparing the full-baked mission-critical grade Solaris to Ubuntu, 
and that's where Ubuntu came up short.

So, instead of comparing a 0.9beta version of OpenSolaris to the latest 
stable version of Ubuntu (for which the base OS has been around for years), 
let's instead compare this 0.9beta version of OpenSolaris to Ubuntu 1.0, or 
whatever their first official release was.  Can you actually get Ubuntu 1.0 
anymore?  Can it actually boot and install on modern hardware?

Now how do they compare?

>                                                              It is also
> worth noting that Solaris has made the attempt to be more 'Linux-like,' not
> the other way around.

Ubuntu has been trying to become more Solaris-like for its entire life. 
Everything they've done to try to make it more robust, better performing, 
more scalable, those are all things that would make it more like Solaris.

They may not have explicitly said that they were trying to become more like 
Solaris, but the outcome is the same.

What you're seeing now is the final acknowledgement from Sun that there is 
also value in what Linux brings to the table, and that there are certain 
gaps there that help fill in certain weaknesses in their existing products.

So, what they're trying to do is to expand their product further, while 
trying to hold onto all the advantages they already have.

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