[SATLUG] Solaris by Sun Micro

John Chalinder argiod at bresnan.net
Fri May 16 17:39:55 CDT 2008

On Fri, 16 May 2008 12:21:47 -0700
  "Ernest De Leon" <edeleonjr at gmail.com> wrote:
> If you look at the original post, the article which makes that statement is
> comparing OpenSolaris (Indiana) to Ubuntu, not 'not-so-open' Solaris 10.  

In fact, in my original post I did not state which Solaris I installed; simply 
calling it 'Solaris by Sun Microsystems'. The software I installed was a 
downloaded .iso file titled, "sol-10-u5-ga-x86-dvd". I believe this is Solaris 
10, or so I was led to believe by the web page I got it from.

In any case, no amount of heated discussion will make me change my mind. If 
any piece of software that takes a day and a half to d/l, burn to disk, and 
install does not function on first, second, third and 'failsafe mode' 
attempts, it is forever deleted and ignored. As much as people are defending 
Solaris, for all it's touted benefits, it has not given me the least 
inclination to waste more time trying to make it work. If I had that sort of 
fortitude, patience and inclination, I would have become a programmer and 
would be writing my own.

I have the same attitude towards vehicles I buy. If I cannot stand outside the 
and have it fire up when I turn the key, then I move on to the next offering. 
Time is the one commodity that nobody can replace or compensate me for once 
it's spent. And when my time is spent doing something that has no usefull 
results, that something quickly becomes history and no longer a part of my 

Perhaps, some day... if a friend who's opinion I value and trust, comes to me 
and says, "John, you have to try the new Solaris. It's the cat's meow.", and 
is willing to sit down and show me how it works... then, and only then, will I 
give it a second chance. Until then, my dual boot, Windows/Ubuntu system does 
everything I need it to do.

The rest of you, whoever likes Solaris, and wishes to use it: I applaud your 
patience and encourage you to continue using it. If it fills your needs, then 
by all means, you should use it. It just has not convinced me that I care to 
venture further down a path that has already wasted day and a half of my time; 
regardless the reason it didn't work.

Bottom line for me is this: day and a half to d/l, burn, install... three 
attempts to boot straight up, one attempt to boot in 'failsafe' mode... four 
failures to acheive functioning system...

Even in baseball; three strikes, and you're outta here!

John Chalinder

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