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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri May 16 18:20:43 CDT 2008

John Chalinder wrote:

> In fact, in my original post I did not state which Solaris I installed; 
> simply calling it 'Solaris by Sun Microsystems'. The software I 
> installed was a downloaded .iso file titled, "sol-10-u5-ga-x86-dvd". I 
> believe this is Solaris 10, or so I was led to believe by the web page I 
> got it from.

Looking at the instructions on the web page at 
<http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/download_instruction.jsp>, it seems to 
me that this may be part of a DVD ISO image, but maybe not the whole ISO -- 
the full ISO image should have been named something like 
"sol-10-GA-x86-dvd.iso", if I'm reading that page correctly.

Was the file you downloaded smaller than 2GB, or just over 2GB?  Did you 
confirm that this was the whole DVD ISO, or follow the instructions to 
create the whole DVD ISO from the multiple parts that you should have 

> In any case, no amount of heated discussion will make me change my mind. 
> If any piece of software that takes a day and a half to d/l, burn to 
> disk, and install does not function on first, second, third and 
> 'failsafe mode' attempts, it is forever deleted and ignored.

Also note that the DVD ISO is available on BitTorrent.  Did you download via 
BitTorrent, or from an overloaded web server?

>                                                               As much as 
> people are defending Solaris, for all it's touted benefits, it has not 
> given me the least inclination to waste more time trying to make it 
> work. If I had that sort of fortitude, patience and inclination, I would 
> have become a programmer and would be writing my own.

I'm just trying to understand the process you went through for downloading 
and installing which resulted in the problems you saw.

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