[SATLUG] Solaris by Sun Micro

Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Sat May 17 15:33:11 CDT 2008

On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 1:38 PM, John Chalinder <argiod at bresnan.net> wrote:
> I just tried Solaris by Sun Microsystems. Their ad hype says, "...Solaris is
> what Ubuntu wants to be when it grows up." I fully disagree.

Wonderful marketing catch phrase.
Should be read as "...Solaris in an all Solaris world is what Ubuntu
is in an all Ubuntu world".
The qualifier is that the needs are "world" dependent.

> After an 8 hour d/l of the installation iso, 1 1/2 hour DVD burn, and 1 1/2
> hour installation... the system rebooted, spun the h/d for 5 minutes, and
> repeated this until I manually shut off the system.
> Then I booted to 'Solaris Failsafe Mode', and after 5 minutes was delivered
> to a blank screen with a '#' prompt, and no clue what to do from there.
> Thankfully, it was only the typical 15 minutes to reinstall Ubuntu and the
> typical 5 minutes to fully update, to return to my fully functional,
> friendly Ubuntu system.

>From what I have read over the last few years on this list, and my own
personal experience similar to yours,
the best way to install Solaris is under VMware. The VMware Server is
free at: http://www.vmware.com/products/server/
I have installed the free VMware Server on many different Linux
platforms without any difficulty and I am a real
techie lightweight which means it is pretty easy. I was impressed.
VMware Server takes care of the Solaris problem of not having the
drivers it needs to handle all the PC hardware it doesn't know about.
Sun originally tried to kill Solaris x86 by "Benign Neglect" way back
in the 1990's. I'm not sure what saved it.
For years there were vast differences in the feature/function/results
set between Solaris on Sun hardware and Solaris x86.
The openSolaris guys fixed all that. They apparently had the correct
vision in this area.

> My rebuttal to Sun's hype for Solaris: "Ubuntu is what Solaris only hopes it
> could be."

Ubuntu and most Linuxes (Debian is a real exception) are not dragging
the huge "legacy anchor" that Solaris is.
Much harder to respond quickly to change when you've been doing it
successfully that way for 25 years.

> Of course, this is just my opinion; I could be wrong. But, for now, I'll
> stick with Ubuntu, unless/until Solaris 'grows up' and becomes user
> friendly.
> --

I am running Ubuntu and Kubuntu 8.04 desktops with mixed feelings.
Maybe the server is better.
My personal desktop favorite has moved from openSUSE to PCLinuxOS.
Either Gnome or KDE versions.
Al Castanoli is a visionary, thought leader and damn sharp. He was my
inspiration to try PCLinuxOS and
was "Right On" about it.
I am not sure Ubuntu is moving in the right direction for the desktop.
Kubuntu has some obvious problems because it is not as well funded as Ubuntu.
IMHO, if it wasn't for the Ubuntu base Kubuntu would not be usable.

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