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You're going to LOVE this.

I got the cellpipe to initialize!  All 8 ports even. They show up as x201-x208.

I used freedigits (defunct but the #s still work?) for inbound and
voipcheap for outbound. (The outbound is limited to 1 minute
increments, PERFECT for testing!).  On the softphone (x200) incoming
and outgoing works, albeit choppy because of the VM that it's running

All 8 analog ports can dial out but can't receive calls, and sip show
peers shows unreachable, which means that I can't call the 8 analog
ports, but I've made TONS more progress in two nights than I have in
the last three years!

With the testing that I've done, I have found a few quirks, so don't
be looking for a cellpipe as a quick ATA just yet...

1: Have to dial a # after the number to get it to commit. (Ex, I
changed the voicemail on the system to 699. In order to get it, I have
to dial 699# to get it. Outcalls work great, just have to dial
912101234567# and the dialing rules strip out the 9 and the #
2: Still can't figure out the extension-to-extension calling.  All
analog ports can dial x200 fine, but x200 dialing the analogs gets
"Service Unavailable".

Beer + Internet = Half @$$ VoIP?


On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 8:01 PM, David Kowis <dkowis at shlrm.org> wrote:
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> FIRESTORM_v1 wrote:
> | I found a Lucent cellPipe T1 device that has a 10/100 ethernet
> | connection in the depths of my parts closet and remember that at one
> | time I had it working, where there was dialtone on the first port of
> | the device, after enabling SIP and providing the SIP gateway to the
> | device.
> |
> | The question I have is, does anyone know how to reference multiple
> | ports in Asterisk on a multi port TA?  I'm thinking that rather than
> | trying to spend money buying an 8 port analog extension card, I can
> | initialize all 8 ports on the cellpipe and use those to break out to
> | the phones in the house.  (Of course I understand that the computer
> | running Asterisk will still need an outside line or SIP gateway to
> | talk to, but at least I can get the ball rolling with 8 extentions
> | that can call each other.
> |
> |
> I don't have anything to contribute to that, except: "Damn that's cool"
> I hope you get that working, and share with the list ;)
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