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Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 16:15:37 CDT 2008

Thomas Cameron <thomas.cameron at camerontech.com> wrote: On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 00:27 -0500, luis wrote:
>  Fedora, as a server, has always worked for me.  But I do admit that I
> have had a few problems setting them up as desktop.  It see to need too
> many additional downloads, like flash or a pdf reader.  It does not
> support mp3s, more downloads.  The Totem player needs codecs, more
> downloads.  And them sometimes, it just does not work.

Open formats in the mainstream means easier
adoption across the globe - including under-served and economically
challenged countries.

If we distribute it to someone who uses it in a commercial environment,
there is a chance, however small, that we might contribute to license
violation, exposing them and us to no small legal liability.  

Additionally, that license does not allow us, a commercial vendor, to
redistribute without paying license fees.  There is literally no
effective way for us to determine exactly how many people are running
Fedora.  We have a rough idea based on yum updates and the like, but
that is not concrete.  Does it make sense for us to pay license fees for
software we're giving away?  From a touchy-feelie perspective, that
would be great, but as a business, that's a no-win situation.

Thomas Cameron

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I'm pretty sure I'll receive some biased views about this, but is it right for Redhat to make profit off a free open source project? Isn't the new gpl made to prevent that and such things as Tivo? Redhat didn't come up with CentOS. Fedora community developers are freely contributing to a commercial product, REDHAT!!! I'm getting looked down upon by my friends for using Fedora though I do have to say there are some things I really like about it. They see it as one step towards M$ just like Suse signing a deal with them. Bleeding edge bugs come with Bleeding Edge Software. Also Redhat does not make it optional to receive technical support, and it isn't just companies that want Redhat. They can go with Debian stable for the same reliability. Are any Debian users reading this??? Ubuntu was too noob oriented for me and made it difficult to do things through the geeky command line way, but instead want you to use their restrictive drivers, etc. all through GUI. I say it's great
 for those non autistic non technical users making a switch from Windows. I still like Ubuntu though, but they aren't the first to receive all the new technolgies and SELinux isn't idiot enough friendly to be included in Ubuntu. Good luck finding a way to install it too unless I am not updated about recent information. I'm sure this email has put some on the defensive, but I did state my views of the ups and downs of both.


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