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Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Thu May 22 07:51:18 CDT 2008

herb cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote: Dear Chris, as the father of an Autistic daughter now 52yrs and 
surviving. May I venture please to just pass an observation to you. My 
girl has beat her head on the wall over not understanding procedures 
involved in social contact. But she lives on her own and makes it.

That said is to hope that you will heed my words as advice to be 
discarded or used not commands.

This post reveals that you still do not understand the relationship of 
offering business services not the sale of software. I own no stock in 
Redhat and I am 77yrs now retired.

You exhibit the same patterns of thought as my daughter and i firmly 
believe you have the same affliction.

Ok, you dashed this off and it was so important that you knew you would 
draw flac. that's fine but in that moment you lost the care for your 
reader posting your words below the .. in the body of the reply so I had 
to read it greyed out. and you accused Redhat of selling or profiting 
from the f/oss licence.

LINUX is free to DL you paid nothing to DL F9 that you want to run. 
Redhat pays the salary of those key people that merge the distro to the 
kernel neither you nor they are bound to any biz deal/contract. So your 
bitch is groundless. Redhat has always sold services to the biz 
community but has always offered the basic system for free. they were 
forced into splitting the free distro off to Fedora because of the 
uncertain moves of this country's government. You know they are 
successful at selling basic back-room services to mostly small biz and 
they could easily have made the $ decision to just drop the free 
distribution but they were committed to serving the f/oss comunity, I 
have read that you do not believe in any God, that's ok but perhaps you 
might consider thanking a divine circumstance Chris for your free copy 
of F9.

So go for it kid but try to look at our side in your post.
I do understand and I hope to remain your friend
Ol herb

Chris Lemire wrote:
> Thomas Cameron  wrote: On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 00:27 -0500, luis wrote:
>>  Fedora, as a server, has always worked for me.  But I do admit that I
>> have had a few problems setting them up as desktop.  It see to need too
>> many additional downloads, like flash or a pdf reader.  It does not
>> support mp3s, more downloads.  The Totem player needs codecs, more
>> downloads.  And them sometimes, it just does not work.
> Open formats in the mainstream means easier
> adoption across the globe - including under-served and economically
> challenged countries.
> If we distribute it to someone who uses it in a commercial environment,
> there is a chance, however small, that we might contribute to license
> violation, exposing them and us to no small legal liability.  
> Additionally, that license does not allow us, a commercial vendor, to
> redistribute without paying license fees.  There is literally no
> effective way for us to determine exactly how many people are running
> Fedora.  We have a rough idea based on yum updates and the like, but
> that is not concrete.  Does it make sense for us to pay license fees for
> software we're giving away?  From a touchy-feelie perspective, that
> would be great, but as a business, that's a no-win situation.

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No, I don't agree with you either on the subject of Redhat. Yes. I wasn't even considering lose a friend.

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