[SATLUG] Fedora 9

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Fri May 23 06:19:04 CDT 2008

I'm going to go ahead and install F9 as I do not use compiz fusion all that much, tried it once in a while and do like it. I've got winky tendo for gaming, so a lot of my Linux games are going to be moved over there, and I'll just wait it out. Right now intel can't compete in performance with ati or nvidia, but are just fine for compiz fusion (mine is an 8800 gts $300 not long ago when I purchased it off newegg). I play games such as Quake 4 in Linux with max everything settings and even though I have coolbits, I never felt the need to overclock. However ATI can compete in performance, but I'm looking forward to their open source drivers. I may switch over when it is time to upgrade and they've got their open source drivers out. I also understand to go to open source takes a lot of time and government approvals, etc. I was really impressed when I tried out FC9

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