[OT] [SATLUG] chris taking a "list break"

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Sun May 25 11:42:29 CDT 2008

If he was really taking a break he would have signed off the list and 
would not be receiving any e-mails from the list at all.  I haven't seen 
any of the name calling he speaks about, but then I haven't really been 
paying that much attention when his e-mails show up on the list.  The 
main reason for this is I have been an Aspie since longer before it was 
recognized as a disorder and I get a little tired of someone blaming all 
of their problems and failings on their condition.  Get on with life and 
shut up about the hand you were dealt, Chris.  The whole world is not 
against you, me, or anyone else because it simply does not care that 
much about you, me, or anyone else.

Geoff wrote:
> Chris Lemire wrote:
>> Look, there's no need to be rude. 
> No one is being rude, Chris.  Brian said that you were still gonna read
> and look for replies.  Guess what?  Your reply just proved him right.
>> I asked that no one reply as I am taking a break from the list. 
>> Brian <astro at astr0.org> wrote: Anyone who takes the time to write a "I'm taking time off because someone was mean to me" email is really looking for attention and will read each and every email sent in reply to the email they sent. Its just a fact.

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