[SATLUG] New One

Jim Parkhurst JimParkhurst at austin.rr.com
Sun May 25 15:07:59 CDT 2008

At my work I get to support M$ <shudder> and we have some workstation 
systems that do run 24/7. After a while they were experiencing, um, 
weird problems. Undoubtedly memory leak related. Too bad M$ hasn't 
figured that one out since they broke it after W3.1X. Anyway, I advised 
them to reboot (power-down) weekly. First question I ask when they call 
about related weirdness ... when was the last time you rebooted? Reboot 
... the M$ fixit.

Mike Ester wrote:
> On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 11:40 AM, Todd W. Bucy <toddwbucy at grandecom.net>
> wrote:
>> This used to happen to me if I left my box on for longer then a few
>> days.  Although all I had to do was hold down the power button for a
>> bout 4 secs to do a hard shut down.
> Unfortunately, XP has a hard time running 24/7. I'm sure it was never meant
> to be used in that fashion.

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