[SATLUG] Re: SATLUG Digest, Vol 52, Issue 54

Jason Meridth jmeridth at gmail.com
Sun May 25 18:17:14 CDT 2008

Agreed.  Being fair, there are Windows Servers and PCs that run just fine
without a reboot.  They have more problems when they do occur, but I've seen
Linux boxes handled improperly that needed rebooting to function properly.

If this list is just to bash Windows, that's unprofessional.  If speaking
about bad experiences, cool.

Me personally, I've only had nature decide that I needed to reboot my Linux
servers (turn off manually with UPS because of power outages).

My windows motto: (the 3 R's)
1. Reboot
2. Reload (software)
3. Reformat (box) (usually to Linux) :)

Glad to be back on this list again.

Jason Meridth
jmeridth at gmail.com

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