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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue May 27 00:20:39 CDT 2008

On 5/26/08, Justin Burdette wrote:

>  "Microsoft sells you Windows. Linux gives you the whole house."

No, it's more like Linux gives you some basic tools and some 
instructions on how to make some of the rest of the tools, and some 
pointers on places where you can go for more information on how you 
can find out how to make more of the tools, and unlimited access to a 
whole assortment of plans and a multitude of various options, so that 
you can make your own house.

Now, if you wanted to make that distribution-specific, so that you 
know exactly what you've got out of the box on the basic install, you 
could amend that to something like:

	"Microsoft sells you Windows.  Kubuntu gives you the whole
	FreeGreenHouse.com Healthy Family of Four Bungalow, see
	<http://tinyurl.com/4gdu2n>, or the option of switching that
	out for the FreeGreenHouse.com Suburban Loft, see

And before you get out the flamethrowers, let me say that pretty much 
the same is true for all Unix and Unix-derived OSes.

Some particular plans are prettier but may not be as flexible (like, 
you can only use the Apple toaster in the Apple version of "Falling 
Water" by Frank Lloyd Wright, along with only the Apple chairs and 
only the Apple table and you're only allowed to use them in the 
Apple-approved dining room), whereas others may give you more 
flexibility but perhaps be more confusing for less computer-savvy 

Oh, and BTW -- FLW really did do this kind of stuff at Fallingwater. 
All the hallways are too narrow to allow you to move any furniture 
from one room to another, and the doorways are too narrow to move any 
furniture in or out, and he even designed clothes for the owners to 
wear while they were there.  After all, he was deigning to allow the 
owners to live in his Statue of David, so why shouldn't he tell them 
what to do where and how to do it?

It's an incredibly beautiful piece of architecture and if you've 
never seen it you should definitely go up to Pennsylvania at your 
earliest opportunity to take a look, but as a home ... well ... it 
makes a great museum.

While you're up there, see if you can also take a look at Kentuck 
Knob.  Built twenty years later, when FLW was considerably more 
willing to actually work with the people who were commissioning his 
sculptural art, and make adjustments to the plans to fit their 

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